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my name is nathan and i love autographs!


i have been interested in signatures since i was little, but have only really started pursuing them since 2006.  

it started around may when my wife and i were preparing for christmas gifts (trust me, this was the only year we started so early).  we asked each person in our families who it was that inspired, motivated, or truly brought them joy.  when we got answers, i searched for and contacted each celebrity/author/musician and received an item signed.  it was so fun to see each family member's face when they received their gifts.  it was that hunt that really kickstarted my passion for collecting.

i enjoy the hunt for the person's contact information, the search for the perfect item to be signed, and the absolute thrill of receiving it back autographed! 

if you have a connection to anyone of interest, or any signed items you would like to donate to my collection (i know, may be silly, but there have been people who have), i'd like to chat!

-- nathan


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